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Always Home Care in Virginia’s Contribution in Senior Drive Safety

As people grow older their innate skills start to disintegrate. Abilities such as sight, logical thinking, mobility, etc. start to degenerate. In light of this matter, numerous authorities have implemented rules to not allow elderly individuals to drive. It can be difficult to convince people and refrain them from things they have been habituated to doing.

Considering such issues, Care with Dignity at Home being one of the most reputed caregiving institutions in the USA offers always home care in Virginia. The home care services not only help elderly individuals with their regular chores but also with transportation.

Why apply for senior drive safety in Always Home Care in Virginia?

The Federal Highway Administration provides information that drivers around 70 years and older experience more driving-related fatalities than any other driving group. However, the exception is for drivers under age 20.

  • Aging affects everyone differently and when prolonged sicknesses are also existing; there can be a deterioration in physical and cognitive skills. Hence, home health care services in Virginia are offered for elderly individuals.
  • While numerous seniors acquire to compensate effectively for any reasoning or practical limitations. Occasionally it does become essential to let somebody else do the driving. Considering this professionals at Care with Dignity at Home offer always home care in VirginiaSuch home care services help elderly individuals to transport with the help of expert supervisors. 
  • It is best to take an assessment of the elderly individual’s driving capability and begin thinking of substitute transportation resources. It will help to introduce to them at the same time you have the conversation to transfer the keys. 
  • Moreover, it is recommended to begin with preventive night-time driving as a first step. It will give the senior a chance to learn how to strategize ahead when requiring someone else to contribute with transportation.

The always home care in Virginia services offered by our professionals will help them to be accustomed to not driving at night. It will help them to be further acclimatized to substitute transportation, you can more effortlessly familiarize this with daytime driving as well.

Safe Driving Checklist for seniors

If you are wondering about how to acclimatize an elderly individual with home health care service in Virginia services, and transportation it is best to prepare a checklist beforehand. You can incorporate the following checklist for your ease –

  1. Is the elderly individual able to pass a vision test? (Glaucoma Cataracts, and Macular Degeneration can all influence sight quality).
  2. Are there any unsolved dips in the smear of the car or the garage?
  3. Are speed restrictions obeyed (Not driving too leisurely or too reckless)?
  4. Does the elderly individual allow others to jaunt in the vehicle with them when they are driving?
  5. Does the older person take alternative roads to avoid key highways?
  6. Does the elderly person seem worried or extra anxious when driving?
  7. Does the elderly individual fail to stop at signals?
  8. Have fellow citizens or others who see the older person driving (anyone who also be present at a consistent event they may drive to) noticed anything unsafe?

If you sense that it is dangerous for elderly individuals to continue to drive, and you realize that they will not be tolerant of this, it is best to opt for home health care services in Virginia. The experts can examine their hearing, vision, and reflexes and begin the discussion about how weakened functionalities may harmfully influence their skill to drive securely.

Though, this is a strong choice to make, however, no one wants to be accountable for a misfortune that could have been avoidable. The skyrocketing proportion of driving fatality rates concerning seniors contains events of pedestrians who are struck by such drivers. However, with the supervision of professionals who offer always home care in Virginiathis rate of accidents can decrease. 

The heartbreaking incident of the 2003 Santa Monica farmer’s marketplace misfortune left ten civilians dead and 63 hurt after George Weller, age 86-year-old individual (at the time), unintentionally fast-tracked on an accelerator pedal, instead of the brake pedal. George Weller unfortunately had preceding accidents and there was information that neighbors and others had observed reckless driving by him.

As one converses regarding the necessity for a modification in driving with the senior, and observes them to be resistant, it is best to share a concern for other’s safety, as well as their safety. Further, one can consult with the professionals who offer always home care in Virginia as they can convince seniors taking certain medications or suffering from memory loss to not drive without supervision.


It should be stated that although convincing elderly individuals can be difficult, but not unmanageable. It is best to opt for professional services of always home care in Virginia that will help with senior drive safety. Care with Dignity at Home offers resilient senior care services that provide them with overall assistance for wellbeing.