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Veterans Home Care in Woodbridge: What You Need to Know?

VHC or Veterans’ Home Care is a DVA program designed to assist eligible veteran clients who need a minor quantity of practical assistance to continue living self-sufficiently in their own homes. 

Veterans home care in Woodbridge solutions include Personal Care, Domestic Assistance, Respite Care, and security-related Home and Garden Maintenance. Veterans’ Home Care is not crafted to meet complicated or high-level care requirements.

The Veterans’ Home Care Program also aids caregivers in acknowledging the pivotal role they play in the veteran and defense community. Limited, short-term Social Aid may also be offered as part of the CVC or Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program.

Who can opt for Veterans home care in Woodbridge?

Veterans’ Home Care solutions are subsidized by the authorities through the Department of Veterans Affairs. There is a fee co-payment compulsory to be paid by the Veterans Health Care in Woodbridge program recipient. Further, it will be settled by the VHC assessment corporation.

To avail the facilities of Veterans health care in Woodbridge individuals have to comply with a few aspects. This advantage requires that the Veteran or living spouse obey the following –

  1. Veteran or their spouse are over age sixty-five.
  2. They are a Veteran, a surviving spouse of a Veteran, a spouse of a living Veteran.
  3. The Veteran served in “Active Military” status for ninety days within an accepted time of war: WWII, Vietnam War, and Korean War
  4. The Veteran had a righteous discharge.
  5. The Veteran or living spouse complies with the income requirements.
  6. The Veteran, surviving spouse of a Veteran, or spouse of a living Veteran requires aid with grooming, bathing, meal preparation, etc. daily to stay sovereign in their residence or selected place of house.

7.    Veterans and their living spouses can qualify for approximately 2400 dollars every month to help pay for assistance in their residences.

Assistance offered in the Veterans home care in Woodbridge

The home care assistance offered to veterans is stated below –

  1. Companionship
  2. Assistance with bathing
  3. Assistance with dressing
  4. Personal care
  5. Meal preparation
  6. Medicine reminders
  7. Transportation
  8. Transferring to and from bed
  9. Light housekeeping
  10. Laundry
  11. Medical alert system with advanced technology
  12. Accessing other communities means to improve your quality of life

Veterans home care in WoodbridgeImportance of Respite Care –

As a Family Caregiver, it can be challenging to find time for a much-needed pause from your day-to-day routine and care duties so that you have some free time for yourself. Respite is a time for calming and rejuvenating your energy. Therefore, Care with Dignity at Home offers Veterans health care in Woodbridge that includes respite care to the family caregivers.

If a Veteran requires a Care provider, you is qualified to obtain up to thirty days of respite care every year. The care can be provided in a plethora of settings including at your provisional placement or the home of a Veteran at a VA Community Living Center. Further, such Veterans home care in Woodbridge is also offered in a VA-contracted Community Residential Care Facility.

Respite care may also be provided in response to a Family Care provider sudden requirement to go out of town, unanticipated hospitalization, or a family emergency. Remaining strong for your Veteran means continuing to be strong for yourself. By taking a chance to be rested through respite care, you may be astonished at how your renewed viewpoint will help you and your loved ones.

Veterans Home Care in WoodbridgeVeteran Aid and Assistance

Our mothers, fathers, and friends may be eligible for a unique benefit via the VA or Veterans Administration called “Aid and Attendance.” The advantage can offer approximately 2400 dollars every month to Veterans and their partners. Veterans health care in Woodbridge is offered to individuals who need non-medical assistance to aid them with events of daily life in their residence or chosen place of the house.

There are currently around fifteen million Veterans who supposedly could qualify for this solution and only 3% of them are presently taking help of it. It is chiefly because most all do not know it exists or have been mistakenly told by the VA that they do not qualify.

The Veterans home care in Woodbridge offered by Care with Dignity at Home can help Veterans and their partners to apply for this solution from the ease of their residence. Further, they can get approved 99.5% of the time within two to five months. 

Going to a local VA Regional Office to apply will most likely result in numerous trips to the Office, long lines, and waiting up to 10 years. The authorities may take time to get a choice on their application that 2/3 of the time will statistically be a “benefit denial.”


Veterans home care in Woodbridge offers the officers and their existing partners solutions to enhance their quality of living. Care with Dignity at Home offers such “Aid and Attendance” solutions that help veterans to avail numerous home care benefits, at the comfort of their residence.